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Six Sigma Black Belt Program
Wave 9 begins March 2006 – Melbourne

PROGRAMS RECOGNISED BY ENGINEERS AUSTRALIA – CFL Public Black & Green Belt Programs are now recognised by Engineers Australia.
Members of Engineers of Australia now gain recognition for Continuous Professional Development by attending a CFL Black or Green belt program.

MELBOURNE GREEN BELT PROGRAM ATTRACTS INTERSTATE DELEGATES. – The Public Green Belt program now underway in Melbourne…
…includes trainees from Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne. Government and corporate sectors are represented, and the applied projects are providing valuable learnings to all participants.

DESIGN FOR SIX SIGMA COMING IN 2006. – DFSS – Design for Six Sigma
Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) uses the tools and rigour of Six Sigma to anticipate and prevent process and product problems. Instead of waiting for issues to emerge and then resolving them, the effort is made where it gives most benefit – up front.

SEVEN MORE CFL QUALIFIED BLACK BELTS – Seven more CFL Black Belts have passed the RMIT University assessment panel…
…and can now confidently call themselves qualified Black Belt

8th CFL Black Belt Wave Began in July…
…with delegates from a range of industries.

9th Wave Black Belt wave to begin in March 2006:
Registrations are now open.

2006 PUBLIC PROGRAM – CFL will offer the same topics as in 2005 together with a new, modular, program: Design for Six Sigma.

We will send you another update when dates are fixed.

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