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Leading Six Sigma Teams

A key ingredient in the success of Six Sigma projects is a functional collaborative team.

Six Sigma failures are frequently caused by ineffective team dynamics.

Leading Six Sigma Teams will show you how to increase your project ‘hit rate’ through building an effective motivated team.


  • The essential impact of teamwork on effective process improvement.
  • The drivers behind successful teams.
  • Practical team and interpersonal tools for the project leader.
  • Clear, practical guidance on how to improve your own team performance.
    Second Module allows follow-up and consolidation of tools covered.

Who should attend?

Six Sigma Process Owners, Champions, Six Sigma Team Leaders and key Team Members.

Course Program

Module 1 (two days) gives participants key Team and Interpersonal tools to help them effectively lead their Six Sigma Project Team.

Module 2 (one day) is for people who would like coaching and follow-up on their new skills. It has been developed to provide coaching and practical guidance. Participants will be required to present an account of their experience and discuss the lessons they have gained.

All training is delivered in an experiential practical manner, giving participants a chance to practice new tools and receive feedback for improvements.


Module 1

How Teams Work

  • An understanding of how teams work, the stages of team development, what to look for and what to do to achieve a high performing team in the shortest practical time.

Leading Teams

  • Setting team Ground Rules.
  • How to gain team consensus—so that everyone has equal input.
  • Measuring your teams performance and setting improvement plans to improve team effectiveness.
  • How to handle common problems a team may encounter.
  • Techniques for negotiating in the Six Sigma environment.

Interpersonal Tools

  • Assertiveness—how can you get what you want whilst still maintaining relationships.
  • Facilitating effectively—the attributes of a successful team facilitator, practical tips and guidance in facilitating Six Sigma teams.

Running Effective Meetings

  • The practicalities of running successful meetings.
  • Tools that can help run meetings more effectively.


  • How to develop and implement Six Sigma Project Communication Plans.

Module 2

Reflection & Coaching

  • Participants have an opportunity to receive coaching on their individual team issues by presenting the current ‘climate’ of their Six Sigma Team.

Diagnosis & Remedy

  • How to diagnose key situations, and apply the most effective style of behaviour to achieve the common goal: directing, coaching, supportive and delegating.
  • Practical guidance on what you can do in a range of real world conditions.


Glenda Crawford is a specialist in behavioural, communication and interpersonal skills with a BSc(Hons) and an MBA from London Business School. She has the reputation of taking theoretical principles and helping delegates apply them to their own management practices.

Alan Long is a is an acknowledged expert in the implementation of Six Sigma. He is known for his ability to provide practical tools and examples to help Six Sigma teams reach their goals. Alan enjoys an excellent reputation as an instructor and wrote the STATMAN series of training books.


Leading Six Sigma Teams will be run in both Melbourne and Perth.


Module 1— Days 1 & 2 $1,200 excluding GST ($1,320 incl. GST)
Module 2—Day 3 $600 excluding GST ($$660 incl. GST)

Both Modules, $1,700 excluding GST ($1,870 incl. GST). Fees include training notes, lunch and refreshments. Please to our standard terms & conditions for further registration details.

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